• Digital Consulting/ sub contracting : Transparent Advices, supports, migrations and digital transformation. From internal change management to external expertisis centers.
  • International partner : Inter agency bridges inter customers – International headhuter – cross contact and network-  European key candidates – Parallel deployment & integration of ERP/ CRM and local points time savers : Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, UK, etc.
  • Multiples projects sales contact : Client executive partner, Start up to Majors and International accounts(Aeronautics, Aerospace, Travel industry, IT digital transformation, AI, security, E sales and web marketing, Automotive,  Banking, Medical, Infrastructure, Numerical(TV, 3D), sports and so on..
  • Pre hiring and / or HR “expert cab” : Cv on demand – online HR platform on request– personalized offers and adapted solution.
  • Cost killing , times scale savings : Mutualization, externalization, fees, costs and positions optimizations
  • AMO : Project lead, audit, studies and operational support(Computing, Sales, HR, Sports, health, etc)